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Smartphones can be especially vulnerable to tapping, particularly if you've In that case, there are steps you can take to improve your cell phone battery life.
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It's what everyone needs that they didn't know they needed. It completely took away the anxiety of making a video audition! Quick, easy and all on my IPhone!

Self tape auditions used to make me cringe. The long process was frustrating for both my daughter and me. With iSelftape, there is finally relief!

1. Incessant Battery Problems

What used to be a headache is now so simple, and now we both can get back to doing more of the things we love, knowing her audition has been sent in the perfect size and format. Before you record your self tape, get some tips from the pros. Make sure you stand out from the crowd! In the fast paced world of casting, time is money. And planning and executing casting sessions is becoming more and more of a challenge, ….

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Being In The Audience For A Television Show Taping In LA

Everyone, at least once or twice in their lives, should attend a TV taping. There's nothing quite like seeing how the entertainment sausage is made: the cameras, the celebrities, the crew running the studio like clockwork, the astonishing speed at which average people will behave like a howler monkey just for a free tee-shirt.

When you spend a few hours on a vacation going to see a live television show, it's something you'll remember for years. And I came up with a few rules to follow if you want to attend a show yourself. Rule One: Plan ahead. Some series book a month or two ahead, and some shows pop up a few days before.

A show may have space for only 50 to people, and lots of seats might be given away to VIPs before you get your chance.

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Each show—most of them are in Los Angeles or New York City, but a few are in Nashville, New Jersey, and elsewhere—contracts with an audience service, and that service controls access to that show. You never have to pay. Anyone who tries to charge you for a ticket isn't the real deal.

Los Angeles Hotels and Places to Stay

Generally, you visit the service's website, choose the show and date you want, and you get on a wait list. You don't get a ticket right away, like you might for a concert. Once it becomes clear how many seats will be available—usually, within the week—you'll be contacted. For 1iota, then you can either print your confirmed ticket or load it onto your phone to show. Rule Two: Arrive early.

How to Prevent Scratched Cell Phones: on the Cheap

These services habitually overbook shows, and studio execs habitually snap up seats at the last minutes for their friends, which screws with availability. For my taping, pop star Adam Lambert was seated in reserved seats in front of me. Sometimes, even confirmed guests won't be guaranteed seating, but if you get there long before your call time, you increase your chances. Rule Three: Don't expect to be treated like royalty.

Although our audience handlers were unfailingly polite and cheerful and concerned for our comfort, the production that hires them saw us as a commodity. We were there as a tool, to extract and record reactions from us on cue.

That starts with a lack of pre-show lounges. Not so glamorous, although the Universal Studios tram tour would pass us every so often at the tourists would squint at us to see if we were famous. And you wouldn't want to be bothered while you're doing your job, right? Talk show audience coordinators, like Keith Quinones, former coordinator for The View , wants you to bring your best to the program. They want you to be enthusiastic and involved in the show.

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After all, talk show tickets may be free, but they're not transferable. And "some form of identification" means a driver's license, state ID, or other government-issued ID. The audience coordinator wants to know exactly who is in his audience, and that they are who they say they are. A lot of that has to do with safety, but it also has to do with controlling the size and make-up of the audience.

How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

That's why so many talk shows insist that their tickets—though free—remain non-transferable. There are also a number of items audience coordinators want you to leave behind when you come to visit. Those items include cell phones, luggage, backpacks or large shopping bags. This list varies per talk show, too. Some talk shows don't mind that you bring your cell phone , as long as you keep it off during taping.